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2008 AGM

Agenda, Wednesday 14 May after the Induction Service
The Induction for new CTH president, Ian Connell, with a reading from Galatians 6.
Minutes of the 2007 Annual General Meeting, also available on the night, and Matters Arising from the minutes
Hon President's report
Hon Treasurer's report
Hon Secretary's report
Area Reports (Bilton; Starbeck & Woodlands; Town Centre; South West; Pannal) - see Area Groups page
Election of Officers:
* Hon President: Ian Connell, whose theme for the year is to be serving in the community.
* Hon President elect: awaited
* Hon Treasurer: Kath Plant, proposed Roger Elliott seconded Paul Tennyson
* Hon Secretary: Humph Baker, proposed Brian Hunt, seconded David Henthorne
* A sad farewell to Richard Dean as he leaves the Exec team 
* Exec Committee: Area Group members: Leeds Road (Mrs Pamela Rich and deputy Roger Elliott) and the Town Centre (David Henthorne and deputy Shaun Swithenbank ), Bilton, (Beryl Tierney and Judith Dewhirst), Pannal & Beckwithshaw (Rev Sue Pearce) and Starbeck & Woodlands (Ernest Stephens). Nominated en block by Lawrie Hulme and seconded by Mary Hutchinson
Past PresidentRev Canon Lawrie Hulme 
* Election of Auditor - Bob Sayles
* CTH nominations for Church House Trust: Miss Julie Clark, nominated by Judith Burns and seconded by Shaun Swithenbank; David Collett has already been nominated through the Exec of CTH 
Church House TrustAGM (report and grants issued) 
Executive Committee: Meeting dates for 2008: 3 June 2008, St Paul's Centenary Rooms 
* Annual Assembly: to follow

These reports were also available as a pdf file (224kb)

Canon Lawrie Hulme at the Cenotaph; click to enlargePresident's Report 
Rev Canon Lawrie Hulme, St Robert's RC
My first and pleasurable duty was the mayor making ceremony at the Old Sawn Hotel - with fine food, too. A very formal but social occasion; many wondered where I was the mayor of because of the Churches Together badge. A reminder that we are part of the make up of the fabric of Harrogate.
Highlights included the WPCU and our Annual Assembly with Brother Thomas of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal whose simplicity of life and prayer moves them to action. Last year's theme of prayer moves seamlessly to Ian's year's theme of action and serving in the community. One must lead to another; nothing lives in isolation.
A number signs ; Radio York; I recall the Christmas Lights which the churches of Harrogate put up in our town; It was notable that the Radio York interviewer was less interested in the Christian input to Christmas but was looking for an argument with the local council, suggesting that the ratepayers should be paying for them rather than the churches. When it became obvious that I wouldn't go down that track, the interview finished abruptly.
There were other occasions where I was able to put forward the Christian point of view.
Tonight's handover is just as much part of my year as president; I would like to thank all those who have supported me this year, especially the secretary. One of my hopes this year was that we would get rid of Humph, or at least vast lots of what he did. We started the process of breaking down the role into its component parts to try to move them around because his generosity has made the job so big that nobody wants to take it over. Something for the year to come.

Treasurer's Report
Kath Plant
As before, the top part of the statement shows what has been received and paid out during the year ended 31 March 2008 and the bottom part shows the state of the bank accounts at the beginning and end of the year.
Looking at the top part you will see that we have a surplus of receipts over expenses of £183.18. This surplus includes one-off donations received totaling£50 which were of course unexpected and without them our surplus would be £133. At 31 March we still owed the balance of expenses on the Sound System for the Good Friday 2008 Service at the Cenotaph, £71, which reduces the surplus to £62. We are therefore more or less breaking even and I do not think there are any grounds for increasing the subscription for the current year.
On the question of expenses you will see that Public Liability Insurance (PLI) is quite a large item because it is for group cover including events held by the Churches Together umbrella group and those of the Area Councils. I would remind you at this point that we (the Secretary of Treasurer) must be kept informed of events planned by Area Councils so that we can, if necessary, inform the Insurance Company.
Affiliation fees to WYEC are for all paid-up churches in Harrogate and are in total another large item. The biggest expense is for Administration, photocopying, postage and of course the computer and website.
During the year we did have a grant from Church House Trust for £415 for the printing of Christmas and Easter brochures and leaflets but this was paid via our secretary and did not come through our bank account.
Interest is at a very low rate and I have asked the Yorkshire Bank if they have any better deal but they say not. The bank does however look at all the accounts held by the customer and we do get interest on the current account and do not have to suffer bank charges. I do not think it worthwhile to move our relatively small accounts in the present financial climate.
Looking at our bank balances, of the total £1,094 on the current account, £446 is the balance of a Church House Trust grant made in the previous year to 31 March 2007 and is earmarked for the cost of reprinting the hotel leaflets. That job has not yet been completed but I understand will be shortly. Our total balances, bank and cash will reduced from £1,645 to £1,199. So overall we are on an even keel and I recommend that subscriptions remain at £30 per church with no rebate to Area Councils.
I would like to thank Mr Bob Sayles who has examined the books for me and has confirmed his willingness to continue as Examiner.

Secretary's Report 
The constitutional meetings (AGM and the Annual Assembly) have been held, dates are listed on the website. It has been most enjoyable working and praying with our president. We pray God's continual grace and peace on the community and worshipping congregations and especially on all new to the life of the church over the last year. (See News Archive for clergy moves). With the 100th anniversary of the WPCU taking John 17 as its theme, our prayers continue for those exploring closer working, especially Harrogate Baptist and West Park URC congregations. 
Promoting wider church activities: the Christmas and Easter brochures (chronological list of services and map), were printed with grant support from Church House Trust; the DL style Easter brochure included the service sheet for Good Friday.
The CTH website continues to grow; all can check and proof read entries to the Church Diary in the Harrogate Advertiser newspaper up to three months in advance of publication. Postal Mailing dates continue to be published within the website Communications page. Updated pages include hall capacities and languages / ethnic minorities listings as part of a revised Church Lists section.
With the Labyrinth seen on BBC Songs of Praise on 3 February, correspondence and requests for further info have been received from across the UK and beyond. The secretary continues to contribute on BBC Radio York and at churches and to groups in the area and as far afield as Somerset. The customer-focused approach to marketing the work of the wider church appears to be welcomed; this area has room for further development. 
The ‘Church Diary' in The Advertiser can be proof-read up to three months in advance on the CTH website. The secretary can add/amend entries up to midnight on Mondays for the following Friday's edition. Our gratitude is to be noted to the good staff at The Advertiser, BBC Radio York and the BBC Songs of Praise production teams for their inspiring and professional approach. Our prayers go with them.
The two banner stands have been on show at various events including the Conference Centre for the New Wine Women's and Leadership events and various other Ecumenical meetings. They continue to provide a professional approach in promoting the Lord's work in this area; they're always available for your Area Group.
We are grateful to the Trustees of Church House Trust
 for their continued support of many ecumenical projects, especially the Christmas Nativity themed lights in the town centre and the forthcoming Church Leaders' Fraternal 'Wydale II'. 
The administration work within CTH continues to grow along with the increasing calls on the secretary's time at events and speaking engagements. In the coming year, discussion and decisions on the future direction of this work need to be made to prepare ourselves for both the challenges in society and church as well as in the way that we deliver the many elements of the ecumenical work in Harrogate.

Area Reports 
Bilton: Bar, Bilton Grange, Grove Road, St John's, St Joseph's and St Luke's churches 

Leeds Road: All Saints, Harlow Hill, Oatlands, St Mark's, St Mary's, and Trinity churches.
The group has met and welcomed new clergy again for the second year running with the retirement of John Sadler, the moving on of Martin Soar and other ministerial changes within the Harrogate area. Several organised joint services have successfully taken place which continued to pray for the local changes. St Mary's continue to worship at Harrogate Grammar school. All Saints now meet at Harlow Hill at 3pm with monthly joint communion services.

Starbeck & Woodlands: Christ Church, St. Aelred's, St. Andrew's, Starbeck and Woodlands Methodist Churches 

Town Centre: Baptist, Elim, Life Destiny, Mayfield Community, New Life, St Paul's, St Peter's, St Robert's Wesley, West Park 
This Group continue to meet about every two months to review the workings of each Church within the area. These meetings are well attended by the local clergy and members of the various congregations. The joint activities during the year varied from distribution of Easter and Christmas Posters of the various services during those periods round the shops and hotels. As well as organising of the Week of Prayer, Lent Lunches, Good Friday Service and a new venture Celebration of Praise services. We continue to work and pray together for support in the Town Centre work. 

Future meeting dates within the Area Groups page of the CTH website. 

Youth for Christ Report
Harrogate & District Youth for Christ said farewell to its staff worker after a brief time with us, allowing the youth ministry to further research and refine the need for a highly skilled and committed Director. Harrogate YfC underwrote the regional concert at the Harrogate International Centre led by Graham Kendrick and his gifted band, raising awareness of YfC, the children's charity Compassion and various other youth works in the area.
YfC continues to support local youth ministries, is in conversation with school chaplains, youth workers and church leaders (progressively) and is also expected to shortly develop its links with Ripon YfC. Harrogate YfC is seeking workers and especially a managing Director to take this important work forward. 
Our Partners Newsletters continues to be available from our website. Your support in prayer and finance is needed as we take the work of YfC into its 21st year.

HYPeR Report 2008
Staff Over the last 12 months we have been actively looking for a permanent manager while Kelly Nevett has stood in as a session manager.  We are very grateful for her enthusiasm and she has certainly gained a fan club with the young people. We have interviewed a number of candidates but did not feel comfortable appointing.
However, Jo Nevett, who has previously done the job as a volunteer, offered herself in a paid capacity. Subject to written confirmation from the Charity Commissioners, she takes over in May.
Opening hours We have maintained our Friday alternate live gigs and club nights and started a Saturday CD music night once a month.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday see us open after school 3.30-5.30 pm and noon to 5.00 pm during holidays. This is very dependent on volunteer availability. New this year is a trial of opening during the Summer term.
Money Funds come from :- Small profits from “tuck” sales, Entrance money for gigs and club nights, Rent from other users e.g. Gateway, Drama group, LDC Kidzone, Donations from trusts. We are grateful to The Charles and Elsie Sykes trust  for their 3 year installment gift and The Harrogate Church House Trust fund for a 3 year installment gift towards a permanent paid manager. This year we succeeded in obtaining a NYCC “Young Money” grant of a year's rent plus £11,000 to spend at the young people's discretion. They chose to have a new large screen TV, completely renew the soft furnishings in our lounge, redecorate the entrance hall, corridors and lounge. Pay for sound proofing at the stage end of the main hall. This has up graded us after seven years of heavy use and HYPeR really does look good. Donations from churches in Harrogate. These gifts are the bedrock of our financial security and we are very grateful to the churches that give. St Paul's URC, St Mark's, Bilton URC, West Park URC, Methodist Ladies, Pannal Methodist, St Aelred's,  Please would other Churches consider supporting this so important work.
Volunteers We must publically thank all our volunteers for their work and willingness to come out at the very times other people are socialising!  This year we have volunteers from at least 7 congregations and we can use even more if we are able to expand what we do. Building and Equipment As mentioned above we have redecorated and refurnished and soundproofed. But we have also had to rewire part of the building to comply with new regulations. We have also had to replace the water heater in the kitchen. A very costly imminent task is to clean and resurface the wooden floors.
Aims  Young people's work often happens in batches and even large groups fluctuate. This last year our numbers on Fridays have dropped as the “batch” has aged. It is now time to seek out the younger age group Yrs 8 and 9 and connect with more bands. Our midweek numbers hold to twelve to twenty.
David Henthorne, chair of the trustees , 
HYPeR - note new web address

Harrogate and Knaresborough Jubilee Debt Campaign
Another busy year for H&KJDC
*In May, Keith Gough led about six of us in a Prayer walk around town
*Just before the G8 met in June, we mounted a display outside St. Peter's Church, campaigning to ‘LIFT the LID' to uncover the truth about rich country irresponsibility in making certain dubious loans years ago – loans still being serviced at the expense of the poorest in the world. We were delighted to have His Worship, the Mayor of Harrogate with us. 
*On that June day, after the church bells rang, a drummer led the beat ‘The World Can't Wait ,for campaigners noisily rousing the G8 to action to fulfil the Millennium Development Goals. 
*During the Spring and summer, Harrogate, Knaresborough and Starbeck libraries each in turn allowed a small JDC display for a couple of weeks, and this has started to be repeated this year. 
*At the October AGM, again attended by Clr. Cliff Trotter, the Mayor. Dr. David Golding visited again to give us a stirring lecture, which was followed by a short Powerpoint display and talk from Rev. Darren McClintock, who was later voted in as new chairman, following Tim Hurren's resignation after 4 good years of service to us. 
*In April Beryl gave a talk to the Liberal Democrat Forum on the debt issue. 
* News is regularly published in several church magazines. 
*At present people are joining the ‘DROP the DEBT FAST' which lasts for 36 days until May 17th . 
* On May Day recently, JDC mounted a display within the ‘Bilton Churches Together' stall, attracting the public to sign cards, begging the G8 not to act like snails but to ‘PICK UP the PACE' of debt cancellation. 25 countries are visibly benefiting from the freeing up of resources which cancellation has brought, but many more need it. 
*On May 18th a small party from around Harrogate will be traveling to an important gathering, ‘JOURNEY to JUSTICE' in Birmingham, ten years on from the ‘Birmingham Chain' of 70,000 people demanding of the G8, that they ‘DROP the DEBT' Look out for news in the press and on TV. 
*We are asking local churches to remember the DEBT JUSTICE issue in prayers, sermons etc. on May 18 th . The Website has worship materials. 
On July 5th , Once more we shall be campaigning in the town centre outside St. Peter's Church. 
*Our Co-ordinator attends the quarterly London Working Group planning meetings. Our own local Working Group meets about 4 times a year.
*We owe very grateful thanks to THE CHURCH HOUSE TRUST for continued financial backing for our campaign for Justice. Beryl Tierney

Harrogate and District Christian Ecology Link 
This year we invite you to help us go online! 
Falling attendances make it abundantly clear that ‘yet another meeting' is not what people want, however outstanding the speaker and subject may be. So instead, we'd like to assemble a network of contacts within individual churches, with whom we can share information, pass on advice and generally promote the appreciation and care of God's wonderful but threatened world. 
We'd like someone from every church, please, to pass on the e-mail and/or postal address of a person within their congregation who could act as our contact. 
Send to: Pam Shaftoe, 19 Kingsley Road , Harrogate HG1 4RB  
Meanwhile, we have an interesting Library available to anyone, currently housed at the above address. Why not borrow Al Gore's challenging full length film on climate change, “An Inconvenient Truth,” and share it within your congregation? 
Or use our 12 minute video, ‘Operation Noah,' to introduce the same subject in sermons, house groups, etc? 
You might like to explore some related websites as well. Try www.christian-ecology.org.ukwww.OperationNoah.org orwww.ecocongregation.org; reports and news maintained on their webpage on this website.
Environmental Audit To live sustainably we need to examine the activities of organisations as well as our personal lifestyles. Many companies now carry out environmental audits in order to identify ways to minimise their impact on the environment. A downloadable leaflet has questions to ask when conducting an environmental audit of your church, followed by suggestions for action. 
CEL church nominations: Shaun Swithenbank raised the need to create a network of people able to encourage others in ecological issues from a Christian standpoint; a list of contacts is to be collated from every church. 5 June is environment day; 8 June suggested to be used to include prayers on the theme of the environment.

Heath Lodge 
More info on the website for the Harrogate Neighbours Housing Association.

Harrogate Homeless Project
HHP have appointed Liz Hancock as project manager. More info from the Homeless Project - who also now have their own website:www.harrogate-homeless-project.org.uk

Thursday Evening Meals for the Homeless and Needy
The rota is now available on this website on the new webpage for the Thursday Meals for the Needy.

Lent Lunches
A wide selection of Lent courses across Harrogate were included within the Church Diary column in The Advertiser newspaper as well as on the CTH website.

Local Strategic Partnership
Churches Together in Harrogate enjoys representation on the local LSP. Reports on the work of the LSP and on Ethnic Minorities are published on the CTH website, accessed via the Reports pages. CTH has two reps (Jeremy Clough and the secretary), one taking the role of deputy should the other be unavailable. This CTH website includes reports on the LSP page.