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AGM 2005

The service of Induction for new CTH president, Rev Brian Hunt, opens with a hymn, followed by a Bible reading, the Induction, Prayers, short Address and a closing hymn 
Minutes of the 2004 Annual General Meeting, to be available on the night, and Matters Arising from the minutes
Hon President's report, followed by Questions to Honorary President
Hon Treasurer's report
Hon Secretary's report - as published below 
Area Reports (Bilton; Starbeck & Woodlands; Town Centre; South West; Pannal; Lower Dale)
Election of Officers:
* Hon President: Rev Brian Hunt 
* Hon President elect: Richard Dean, River of Life 
* Hon Secretary: Humph Baker
* Hon Treasurer: Kath Plant
* Exec Committee: Rev Alan Bolton, Rev Paul Hooper, Ernest Stephens, David Henthorne and Paul Tennyson
* Past PresidentNeil Spencer
Election of Auditor - Bob Sayles
Meeting dates for 2005/6:
* Executive Committee: Monday 6 June 2005, 7:30pm, St Paul's URC (Centenary Rooms?) 
* Steering Council: Autumn date to follow
* Annual Assembly: Thursday 13 October 2005 with Rt Rev John Packer, WYEC Chair; working on from the Wydale Leaders' Conference; church leader buffet reception at 6pm; all welcome for the Assembly at 7:30pm.

President's Report 
Neil Spencer writes: My year in office began with the annual Meeting at Beckwithshaw, preceded by a spectacular service devised by the vicar, the Rev Nigel Sinclair, involving Coptic monastic chants and icons, illuminations and the music of that distinguished composer of church music Edward K Ellington.
On the 25 May 2004 my first official duty was to represent CTH at the Borough Council's Mayor-making ceremony where I was surprised to meet several people whom I already knew in other contexts.
The Annual Assembly took place at Grove Road Methodist Church on the 7 November 2004. The event owed much of its success to the Rev Alan Bolton and his colleague, the drama advisor to the Methodist church in the Leeds area. At one point the assembled company was happily engaged with crayons, plasticine and glue, a somewhat literal interpretation of the Scriptural injunction to become as little children.
On the 22 and 23 November 2004 at Wydale Hall an unprecedented meeting took place of the overwhelming majority of congregational leaders in Harrogate. Whilst this was not strictly a CTH event, it was conducted under CTH auspices. The long-term effects of this event are still working themselves out.  It has already demonstrated the richness of the Christian traditions within the town and also served to introduce to each other congregational leaders who might have never encountered one another in the ordinary course of their respective ministries.
Though it may appear to be a little parochial, I cannot forbear to mention the excellent joint service at Ashville School by the four congregations of the far-flung Western Area on 30 January.
On Friday lunchtimes during Lent there was a series of very well-attended meetings at the Friends Meeting House in which people in various walks of life spoke illuminatingly and movingly on "The Imitation of Christ Today".  Our thanks must go to these speakers, the volunteer teams from various churches who prepared the food and particularly to Mr Ron Evans who organised the event.  Sadly, Mr Evans' personal commitments do not allow him to continue in this role and we pray that some suitable successor will come forward to maintain this valued ministry.
The final event of my presidency was the service of witness at the cenotaph on Good Friday. Yet again, I must thank those who worked hard to make the event a success, particularly the Rev Shaun Swithenbank who devised and presided over the service and the Rev Lawrie Hulme who delivered the address.
At the end of my year on office I have come to feel that my presidency has been for me a blessing rather than a burden I originally perceived it to be. I dare to hope that I have at least done very little harm to CTH. If there be anything positive in my term of office it is largely ascribable to our indefatigable secretary. Many a time he has been called upon to apply the balm of calm competence to the anguished presidential brow.
It now only remains for me to hand over to my successor, the Rev Brian Hunt, with prayerful good wishes to the success of his presidency.

Treasurer's Report
before I make any comments on the accounts, I would like to clear up an apparent misunderstanding about the financial position of CTH.  It seems that some people have got the idea from the Appeal letters that went out asking for contributions for the computer that the CTH bank accounts are overdrawn; this is not the case - they are not overdrawn and never have been.  The position is that when the need for the computer became evident last Autumn I prepared a projection of all possible expenditure up to 31 March 2005 and the surplus after deducting that expenditure would have been less than the cost of the computer.  As it is, the computer has been paid for by Humphrey himself so far.  The appeal has brought in £375 as shown in the account plus another £10 received since 31 March 2005.  The cost of the computer is in the region of £1,125.
Whilst on the subject of the computer you will note the purchase of software £486. This was in June 2004 before we knew about the need to replace the computer ['replace' = 'purchase' - the secretary's personal computer which he had used for two years had failed. The new computer belongs to CTH.  HJB, Hon Sec]  It might look from the account that the purchase of the software has caused a deficit for the year but this is not so as it was agreed to use the balance of the surplus on the Millennium activities (which was £500) on the purchase in order to further the work of CTH on the website; so the money wa taken from the bank deposit account not from the year's income.
[The Accounts sheet was available for viewing at the AGM meeting.]  Looking at the other items:
Subscriptions: We have 28 paid up member churches each paying £25 (one church paid its sub in the previous year)
Lent Lunches: A small working party organises these, has its own treasurer and passes the net proceeds to Christian Aid. We advance the money for the initial cost of the programme leaflets and are reimbursed from the proceeds.
Good Fridays: As Lent frequently straddles the end of one financial year and the beginning of the next we get bits of two years' expenditure in the accounts. There is still one other bill at least to pay for 2005.
Affiliation fees: There are two amounts paid to the CVS because CVS were late in sending their invoice for 2004.
Rebates: The amount represents rebates to three Area Councils (one Council claimed two years and two Councils claimed one year each).  These were the only claims made.
General Admin expenses: The usual postage, photocopying and stationary and IT running costs are included here.
Balance sheet: There have been no further developments as far as we are aware concerning the loan of £190 (clamping charge to a previous president) and I think the time has come to write it out of our accounts.  You will see that we have £1,800 in the bank but of this £375 is the amount given for the computer.  We can only free the balance of funds to finance the computer if we cancel the rebates which have not been claimed for the year to 31 March 2005 (all Area Councils) and for all the previous years (three Area Councils have varying amounts outstsanding).  This was suggested at the last AGM.  We would then have a further £580 available.  I am also suggesting that (a) we give no rebates for the current year to 31 March 2006 so that we can build up some contingency funds, and that (b) we keep the annual subscription at £25 per church.  The position to be reviewed each year.
I would like to record a word of thanks to Mr Bob Sayles who has examined the books for me and who confirmed his willingness to continue as Independent Accounts Examiner.
I mentioned last year that I was seeking to establish with the Inland Revenue that as an unregistered Charity we are exempt from Corporation Tax and I am pleased to say they have agreed.
Finally I ask your approval of:
* These accounts
* A sub of £25 for the year to 31 March 2006
* No rebate for the year to 31 March 2006
* A cancellation of all unclaimed rebates for the previous years
* A write off from the accounts of the loan £190.
[All approved unanimously at the AGM meeting.  Thanks were expressed to Kath Plant for her good work with these accounts and for Bob Sayles generosity in auditing the accounts and a vote was duly taken to confirm CTH's desire for him to continue in this role.]

Secretary's Report
The secretary reports that the constitutional meetings (Steering Councils, AGM and the Annual Assembly) had been held and that details of dates were listed on the Who's Who page of the website.
Promoting wider church activities: the Christmas brochure with a chronological list of services and a new, more comprehensive map, was distributed to most hotels, TIC and other locations; thanks to St Mark's church for duplication services, and Paperworks for folding the brochures.  The Easter services listing was produced as a simple A4 print from the CTH website listing; hotels were grateful for the opportunity to be able to print off further copies as required.
For the 2005 General Election, CTH worked in partnership with Wesley Chapel in arranging a Political Candidates meeting with Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, The Alliance for change and UKIP candidates; CT Knaresborough ran a separate meeting on 20 April in Holy Trinity church with Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates.
The Church Leaders' conference at Wydale Hall in November 2004 was welcomed as an opportunity for the wider fraternal to enjoy worship and fellowship together whilst assessing where the current place of the church in Harrogate and the vision for the future.  The two day residential is understood to have provided a platform to enable productive dialogue and plans across many areas. 
The CTH website has undergone various improvements to improve download speeds; colour co-ordination of the various areas of the website now make navigation easier. Staff at the Yorkshire Tourist Board are impressed by the "customer-focused" make up of the Service Times and Disability Access pages.  Further developments continue to be published to help the wider community easily find out the activities and role of the wider church across Harrogate and this region.  Surface Mailing continue, with dates now included on the website Communications page.
The secretary's personal laptop showed worsening signs of mortality throughout the 2004 summer, and the CTH Exec agreed to fund the purchase of a new CTH-owned Toshiba Equium notebook.  This is available for use by the Exec committee, and is loaded with the software needed to run the ecumenical websites, accounts and administrative tasks.  As well as the CTH website, the United Gigs, HYPeR and Youth for Christ websites are maintained on this one computer.
Following the good experience of Wydale, the secretary is drawing together a proposal for a similar opportunity for mutual encouragement and sharing of best practice for church administrators, as a half day held locally.

Area Reports 
Town Centre: At our last meeting in March at St Paul's URC we welcomed Andy Wilson and discussed our support for his work in schools and at Harrogate college. We had an update of the work and a discussion about our support for HYPeR. We heard of the development at St Peter's of a new Saturday evening service called 'Rock ConneXion' and learnt with interest of the bimonthly use of their building by the Lutheran Church. We shared news and details of events at the member churches such as:- CTH Election meeting at Wesley Chapel with local candidates facing 'any questions', Methodist year of prayerCatholic year of the EucharistFriends' peace vigil at Menwith HillSpotlight meeting at Wesley Chapel with Bishop John Packer addressing the issue of Women Bishops in the Church of England, fellowship and training courses at St Paul's,Youth Alpha course at the Baptist church, Christian Ecology meeting and walk scheduled for May and the Debt campaign trip to Edinburgh on 2 July 2005.
We reviewed our sharing earlier in the year in daily prayers in our various churches throughout Christian Unity Week. We distributed postersbefore Christmas and Easter, with details of our special services and events, to all the businesses and hotels in central Harrogate. We helped CTH Exec. organise the Good Friday service at the cenotaph.
We continue to encourage the developing links between the town churches and the Air CadetsArmy Foundation collegePoliceHospital,HospiceConference centre and town centre shops through the work of our voluntary chaplains - many of whom are part of our town centre group. Future meeting dates within the Area Groups page of the CTH website. (Rev Shaun Swithenbank)

Youth for Christ Report
This has been a year of challenge and change for YfC. At the Annual General Meeting on 19 July 2004, in accordance with their legal responsibilities, the Trustees had no alternative but to recommend that the Director Andy Wilson be made redundant on 31 August, due to declining finances. The trustees were asked to consult with partners and decide whether the Centre should be remain open. The work of the past year has therefore fallen into three distinct phases:
(1) Handling with the practicalities and knock on effects of the redundancy.
(2) Careful consideration of future options and the consequences. 
(3) Following a decision to continue with the Centre, dealing with the re-launch and re-establish of the centre on an entirely different footing.
Throughout this period Tim Hurren agreed to act as Chair through to the next phase. Tim pays tribute to the Partners and fellow Trustees who stuck with YfC through this difficult period. Negotiations regarding the redundancy were made much easier due to Andy Wilson's positive approach. YfC Treasurer Edythe Bradley has continued to keep YfC on track, despite reduced financial support from some churches and partners; Colleen Scruton's faithful service as Administrator helped YfC through to the re-launch stage.
The Director's redundancy stabilised YfC's financial position but effectively put the work into mothballs; Andy has continued some of his work with young people and built up his own network of support.
On 10 September the Trustees decided to reshape and re-launch the Centre. Humph Baker joined the Trustees.
Representatives of the three ecumenical youth organisations agreed in September that YfC should explore the possibility of working more closely with both United Gigs and HYPeR. As a result of two formal meetings between representatives of these organisations it was decided to work together where possible whilst retaining separate identities.
YfC moved to share an office at the Citadel refurbished at HYPeR's expense. Colleen Scruton's hours were increased to provide much needed administrative support for HYPeR and closer links with United Gigs were also forged. Colleen continues to be employed by YfC with hours worked for HYPeR being charged out monthly.
The Trustees of YfC continued to meet to forge the vision for the future and fixed 2 February 2005 as the re-launch date. Income and expenditure, although reduced, were now roughly in balance; YFC National stated that they wished us to retain all our existing capital as seed money for the future.
A new promotional brochure and a book mark to encourage prayer were prepared for the re-launch. There has been a generally positive response to the decision to continue, and especially to work more closely with United Gigs and HYPeR.
The vision and ambition to reach the young people for Christ is seen in supporting local initiatives and especially emerging leaders, rather than as a direct provider of youth work.  YfC were able to financially underwrite a very successful concert organised by United Gigs in the centre of Harrogate on 4 March. Modest but much appreciated financial and organisational support is now being offered to school Christian Unions. YfC is being approached for help in a variety of ways; partners and others are to be kept up to date with developments which now include speaking engagements and helping school Christian Unions. 
Special thanks are due to Ray Stanyon who has been a stalwart member of the Executive for many years and is moving away from Harrogate. Richard Marjoribanks (St Mark's) recently agreed to join the Executive and Howie Corrin (Mayfield Community Church) has offered a welcome link. YfC trustees have identified a number of constitutional issues that will have to be addressed over the coming year. However the chief task is to find new and effective ways to encourage young people to find Jesus, to create opportunities for them to grow in faith and to resource those engaged in Christian Youth work throughout the area. To do this YfC depends on the prayers and practical support of its partners as it look to the future. (Rev Tim Hurren)

HYPeR Report 2005
Very Big Thank You to all our supporters. Because of your prayers, giving and volunteering we have been able to build on our previous experience and are very much alive, serving the young people of our district. Now with Alex; we look forward to much more happening 
Alex Walker joined 
HYPeR as Manager in April 2005; he came with experience with young people. He is an active member of Wigton United Reformed Church in Leeds and has previously worked with young people in Kidderminster and Leeds. As an added bonus he is a guitar player and understands the changing music styles of the current generation
CYC Connecting with Youth. This is a government initiative run in our area from county hall. Several times now they have put on evenings featuring young bands from around our district. HYPeR is one of their preferred locations.
Young People's Entitlement, Saturday 19 April 2005: This is another government initiative about young people and it was launched with a very big all day bash at HYPeR. (3pm to 9:30pm ). A release of helium balloons happened in evening. During the day HYPeR was open for games, food etc and CYC put on face painting, Henna hand painting, and many other things. All in order to launch the new Entitlement. Over 200 young people were expected to pass through and many stayed for a live gig in the evening. This featured young bands from all over the region. HYPeR used this event to promote our own presence in the town and to network with all who came ‘officially'.
Rapture and Heretics: These were just two of the bands who played in February and March on one of our regular Friday ‘rock' nights. Numbers vary often 90/100 or so young people come. Nearly all young bands try to express teenage passion or their difference from their parents. Perhaps these two bands said both things in their names. Their music certainly was different – and had passion.
Colleen Scruton has joined HYPeR as part time administrator; she has years of experience with YFC and continues part time with them. HYPeR is pleased to welcome Youth for Christ and United Gigs to share our office at the Citadel on East Parade.
Points for prayer: HYPeR is connecting with young people. In the main they have zero church contact; they are growing up and discovering who they are solely influenced by their peer group and what they see on TV etc. We aim to make a difference. Please consider whether you can help: by your prayers, by giving money to pay for workers and maybe by volunteering. Volunteering once a month is very helpful, twice a month is marvelous. Please contact Colleen at HYPeR or on 525838 to give or to volunteer or to ask for news about which to pray. Again with many, many thanks for your support. David Henthorne, for the whole Executive

Harrogate and Knaresborough Jubilee Debt Campaign
The World Debt Day 2004 weekend saw many activities including plays and drama by children and adults, a visit from Phil Willis and card petitions.  The group continued to promote these cards, letters and prayer throughout the year.  Gordon Brown MP responded very positively to this national initiative.
JDC webpage on this website11 November 2004 saw a packed meeting and a very well received presentation for JDC and CAFOD, followed by our AGM - full report on the CTH website.
The group worked with Bilton Churches Together Area Group to staff a stand and the procession at the Bilton Gala on 2 May 2005 with Make Poverty History banners, Trade and Aid banners.
Plans for the World Debt Day 2005 weekend continue; on 14 May 2005 the group have a stall outside St Peter's church - artistically wiping out the word "Debt" from a large display.
At least one coach is leaving Harrogate for the 2 July 2005 rally in Edinburgh just before the G8 meets at Gleneagles.  Funds for the local group are always appreciated to cover local expenses. Beryl Tierney (Co-ordinator) .

Harrogate and District Christian Ecology Link 
Our aims are two fold: to spread ecological insights among Christian People and churches, and to spread Christian insights into the Green movement.
Activities during 2004/5 included: Six mile walk on Saturday 10 July 2004 from Harrogate to Knaresborough, using the cycle track near ASDA and Nidd Gorge, with refreshments at Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre - with a splendid reception in the cafe and various workshops.
The speaker at Thursday 28 October 2004's meeting at St Paul's URC was Dr Philip Surman, energy consultant based in Minskip.  He provided plenty of background information about energy production before going on to talk about wind power: it can make a significant contribution to meeting the government's UK target of 10% renewable sources by 2010, increasing to 20% by 2020. 2,000 more wind turbines would meet the 2010 target.  Constraints in many locations (National Parks, AONB - Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and SSSIs - Sites of Special Scientific Importance) have to be protected.  Wind turbines cannot be sited within 500 metres of dwellings, near airfields (affecting microwave communications), in very windy locations or in proximity to roads, railways, footpaths and bridle ways.
In the Harrogate area, the only available locality is Knaresborough Ridge. The application for this was turned down by Harrogate Borough Council, largely due to objections from Leeds/Bradford airport. In October the CEL launched the Churches' Climate Challenge Awareness campaign "Operation Noah".
CEL's meeting on Thursday 12 April 2005 included a talk by Dr Edward P Echlin and his book "The Cosmic Circle: Jesus and Ecology". Copies were on sale - also at Wesley Owen (Branchlines). refreshments were Organic European wines and home made mince pies - a most enjoyable meeting.
"What landscape means to me" was the title of John Margham's talk on Thursday 28 April 2005. Most of the illustrated talk was his own original work and research, conducted on the Isle of White - with snippets from Yorkshire.  A very lively question and answer session followed the talk.
The short circular walk on Monday 2 May 2005 started at Pannal railway station, through the old village, past the mill pond and stream, up through the woods - full of bluebells - to Stone Rings hamlet, over Stone Rings beck and back past St Robert's church, Pannal.  A glorious day until the sudden long shower in the last half hour - very exhilarating!  Back at George and Jean's warm house for a lovely tea restored us all.
Everyone is very welcome to come to the talks and on the walks, whether members of CEL or not. To find out more, please contact the chairman, John Margham, tel 862726 or George Dent.  (Report: Dr Nancy Stuart).

Heath Lodge 
Heath Lodge continues to be full with a waiting list; the residents are enjoying life in the new EMI wing. Communion services continue the monthly communion services run by Rev Martin Soar; Rev Brian Hunt runs monthly evening services on the first Sunday.  Heath lodge's AGM was held at the end of April.

Bible Society Action Group
Due to declining support the local Bible Society action group has now been wound up.

Thursday Evening Meals for the Homeless and Needy
The report on the meals for the homeless, in conjunction with the Homeless Project, by a small group from the CT Exec, was released in 2004 suggesting that, while there may be problems and small issues, the work provides meals for the truly homeless and a place of security for others needing 'low-key' fellowship.
The Homeless Project changed its opening hours in the new year of 2005 - details on the CTH website.

Lent Lunches
Lent Lunches this year followed the theme of the the "Imitation of Christ - today, ably co-ordinated by Ron Evans ". Full summaries available on the CTH website. A total of £317.70 was sent to Christian Aid. Plans for the continuation of Lent Lunches in 2006 are dependant on a new organiser.

Local Strategic Partnership
The CTH website includes reports up to and including March 2005