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David Pickering

click to enlargeReverend Dr. David Pickering, the Co-ordinator of Eco Congregation led an entertaining and enlightening debate at the Annual Assembly, on the things which concern us about our environment. We were able to highlight problems, and evaluate where we contribute to a problem, and where we are part of the solution. He showed us how we can, as small Church communities, make a difference to the overall problems of contamination and pollution, and the general despoiling of creation in God's world. He reminded us we are like holiday makers in a rented holiday home, who are encouraged to enjoy our time here, but to leave the place as we found it clean and unspoiled.

click to enlargeWe widened the net by looking at the contribution made by faith communities to the community as a whole, with the distribution of some notes, condensed out of the government document "The Faith Dimension in the Community," which were focussed towards the Community Plan for Harrogate.
The initiative was clearly outlined by Kevin Douglas, Director of Leisure Services for Harrogate Borough Council, who has overall responsibility for the delivery of the Community Plan for Harrogate.

click to enlargeThe plan is in its initial stages, and your President was going to represent you at a meeting on 14th November to create and establish a vision statement for the plan - which she has since done. We were also invited to appoint a representative onto the 18 member partnership which will steer the development of the Harrogate Community Plan. By a show of hands it was decided we would do this. This will be a key appointment and we have a number of strong and suitable candidates. I intend to make sure that we have a clear voice on the partnership, and that the vast resources of the Church, both human and material are properly valued, and used well.

click to enlargeThe displays and exhibits from Eco-Congregation, HBC Agenda 21, Christian Ecology Link, The Jubilee Debt Campaign, Starbeck Boys and Girls Brigade, and the programmes for 2003 Lent Lunches, together with all the latest correspondence notes,
gave us the opportunity to get up-to-date with news - from all the areas who had something to tell us.

click to enlargeThere was a brief business meeting following refreshment time when the new tape for the Christmas 2002 Advertising Campaign for Stray FM was played. There is still time to contribute to the Christian message broadcast. The more money we contribute the more air-time we can buy. If you did not collect a leaflet please call Revd. John Carter

Jo Grande President, Autumn 2002